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Alu lid foil 20micThickness and durability vary according to customer requirementsQuality printing sharpExcellent sealing ability with PVC blister
Paper/Al/PE or PET/Al/PEFor powder or gel medicine
Structure: An OPA / ALU / PVC ComplexCold Form Blister (CFB)
Structure: PVC250/PE25/PVdC40,60,90,120Multilayered Film (RPVC+PE+PVdC)
Standard barrier film for the Pharmaceutical Industry for superior protection against moisture, gases (Oxygen, Nitrogen etc.) and external odors.“Non-...
Aluminium foil 6 mic
Aluminium foil 7 mic
Aluminium foil 9 mic
Thick Aluminium foil from 25 mic
Lamination MPET 12 mic
Semi (half width) MPET for special packaging design to display part of product
Lamination MOPP for flexible packaging
Lamination MCPP for flexible packaging
High barrier PET film against oxygen, water vapor, protecting product inside package, specially for dried food.
LDPE resine 2426K
PP resine 9413
Slitting Aluminium foil to resize Al material in order to save cost for smaller designed width.
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