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BBN Joint Stock Company supplies materials for the flexible packaging industry. All materials are from foreign imports with international quality and internal reliable sources. Goods mainly include: aluminum foil, metallized film, plastic film, resine, packaging solutions, other products such as zipper, tape, valve, corona testing pen... with competitive price. All products have specific origin and warranty period.

BBN target products are products of high quality, specialized categories in the market, for example, high-glossy aluminum film, high thickness, aluminum foil for cigarettes packaging, half-metallized film, high glossy metallized film (mirror effect), matt coating, paper coating, metallized with high OD index, color coating, chemical treatment for high adhesion, holographic effect, etc.
Resin Spot Price March 2016
March 16.2016
Túi khí vô trùng của nhà bao bì Ecolean Thụy Điển vừa được thu tóm bởi Shenyang Huishan Da...
December 26.2015
Giá được ghi nhận bởi PCI của màng nhôm 7 mic tại Trung Quốc ổn định ở mức 4,5-4,8 USD/kg ...
December 23.2015
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